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Our successful and highly respected law firm has protected the best interests of Individuals

Keith D. Bowers, Attorney at law, has managed the legal challenges of contract disputes including

breach of contract and collections .

Depend on us for aggressive, quality legal service.

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• A loan agreement?

• A buy/sell agreement?

• A supply/supplier agreement?

• Business formation documents?

• A non-compete agreement or severance agreement?

• An equipment lease or a commercial real estate lease?

Prevent Future Litigation through Careful Contract Drafting

The key to preventing future lawsuits and commercial disputes is careful drafting of all contracts.

Whether it is a non-compete agreement with an employee or a contract with a vendor, your contracts

should provide a solution to potential conflicts and address all of your business needs.

Drafting, negotiating and modifying custom and form contracts at eit her of our locations.

Attorney Keith D. Bowers can provide experienced legal help to ensure that your contract addresses

your concerns, protects your rights and is enforceable in the event of commercial litigation. We can

review the contracts you are asked to sign, represent you in negotiations and prepare the business

agreements and contracts your firm needs to run its business.


We know how important it is to clearly establish what each party wants, and when certain products or

services are to be rendered. Unfortunately, oral contracts or poorly drafted contracts often result in

contract disputes involving different interpretations. Business disputes often involve allegations of

breach of contract. Contracts are the basis of a business, mutual promises that promote confidence and

a viable business model.


While negotiation is always an option, if it should fail, you need the assistance of a lawyer experienced

in litigation. Throughout the Mohawk Valley area, businesses individuals have come to rely on the

services of Keith D. Bowers, Attorney at law for more than 25 years.